What is worth to remember from our teen age

Do you remember the feeling, when you as a teens wanted to adress (in my case via sms) a boy/girl you liked? You believed, that the sympathies and hopes are mutual and that you certainly have a lot to share, but suddenly the words were missing?

teens on phone

I must admit with mixed feelings, that this situation happens in life more often  than I thought. It is fun to play with thoughts on something exciting and new, and it lasts for a long time. But there is still the risk, that we spend too much energy on the fantasies and there will be not enought left to act.

At that moment we usually turn on a safety mechanism. Instead of feeling guilty of missing the chance for something good or instead of blaming ourselves that we wasted so much time on dreaming, we find new aspiration. We start to build new pie in the sky and we leave the wind to take the old ones.

But we are not teens any more, we have already succesfully solved this situation few times. We just stopped thinking and we sent the sms. Imagine the feeling, when you did it - it was sooo relaxing! Do you remember, how did you ask yourself, what took you so long?

So instead of unending longing for my own blog I started to write (as you can see).  And you? Would you organize a meeting with friends from highschool? Are you going to start making your own jewelery? Just go ahead, we will see, where it leads us :-).

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